Abstract yourself


"You are an Artist. Yes, you are!

Creativity is everywhere. Creativity is within everyone. No two people are exactly alike. No two people paint the same way, and no two see things in the same colors.


 I will not give you an Art Lesson and you will not be asked to copy other masters art works. 

On that event YOU will be the artist and you will give yourself a two to three hours lesson. Unlock your real self.

I will just guide you all the way through the painting process to create your own unique masterpiece.

Here are no previous painting or art experience required. You can choose the colours according to your feelings, according to your mood.

You will awaken the artist within you. Be yourself. Be free. Abstract yourself.


                                                             "True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist." (Albert Einstein)


Limit: 10 Person

Location: Shanghai only

For more information about this event please contact us:

Art of Crow

Tel. +86 17721296410







Here are a few great examples of the work of the participants. There are not the skills that count, but behind each of These paintings is a fascinating Story.