Awards 2021

art of the year - China


Winner of the Great Artist Summer Exhibition:

Art of the Year China 2021

Awards 2019

Gold Award- Sino German Art Exhibition- Taicang

Gold Award for E.E.63 from HISMOON Art Center Taicang

German Artist based in China


collected by Guilin International Art Museum

Art work to City Hall

"Estrangemnet No.1" was chosen from the government of Crow`s Hometown to hang to the City Hall as a sign of honour of the Artists work.

Awards 2018

outstanding artwork award

Beijing based NL- Gallery Chose "Blind Sight" as an "OUTSTANDING ARTWORK 2018".

Fusion Art Award 2018 - Palm Springs (CA) USA

Awards 2017

Fusion Art Award 2017 - Palm Springs (CA) USA


2011 - Album (CD) Calm before the Storm- Crow`s Flight- CD of the Month (Germany/ Finland)

2014 - Album (CD) EMPTY SKY - Medusa`s Child- Gold Award UK