Awards & Collections

art of the year - China


Winner of the Great Artist Exhibition:

Art of the Year China 2021

collected by "Sammlung Kohlrusch", Kulmbach germany

collected by Guilin International Art Museum

Gold Award- Sino German Art Exhibition- Taicang

Gold Award for E.E.63 from HISMOON Art Center Taicang

German Artist based in China


Art work to City Hall

"Estrangemnet No.1" was chosen from the government of Crow`s Hometown to hang to the City Hall as a sign of honour of the Artists work.

Awards 2018

outstanding artwork award

Beijing based NL- Gallery Chose "Blind Sight" as an "OUTSTANDING ARTWORK 2018".

Fusion Art Award 2018 - Palm Springs (CA) USA

Awards 2017

Fusion Art Award 2017 - Palm Springs (CA) USA


2011 - Album (CD) Calm before the Storm- Crow`s Flight- CD of the Month (Germany/ Finland)

2014 - Album (CD) EMPTY SKY - Medusa`s Child- Gold Award UK