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Limited Edition Book release!

Now two Versions of my book are released. The German Version "Und alle Schmetterlinge werden sterben" and the Engl. Version "Tales of Dying Butterflies".



You can order the Limited Edition Hardcover Book signed by the author right here:  



Price: 25€ (ca. 27 USD) plus shipping


Or watch the short movie "Warcrow`s Damnation" right here: 




https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDU4NTA3OTAwNA==.html   (for China)


https://www.bilibili.com/video/av95543985/  (for China)


Additionally, the Audiobook Version will be released during the next days.

Books are also available as eBooks on Amazon.com!


Germany, Cologne/ Wagenhalle

Opening: September 11. 2020, 7pm

Solo Exhibition 'CROW: My Soul Asylum & E.E.63'

My newest Photographic Art Collages as well as my Acrylic-Xray Painting Series

Exhibition Opening with a Reading from Book with Lyrics and Verse  

Iran/ Esfahran


Spring 2021

Museum of Contemporary Art


Germany/ Thuringia

When: t.b.a.

Where: Altenstein ("Shadeless Emperor" Tree Sculpture for permanent Exhibition in the Castle Park Altenstein)



Tokyo/ Japan

When: November - December 2019

Where:  Tokyo Kiyoshi Art Gallery (Group)

German Embassy/ Beijing - Art Exhibition

When: 07st November - 30th November 2019

Where:  Beijing German Embassy Art Gallery (Group Exhibition)


Shanghai/ China

When: October - December 2019

Where:  North Bund (Solo)

Beijing/ China

When: 26th October - 31th October 2019

Where:  AOTU (Solo Exhibition) Book Pre- Release

With Voice Artist Warwick Gilles - Thank you very much for reading out my Poems!

Beijing/ China

When: 5th October - 27th October 2019

Where:  AOTU ART GALLERY (Cooperation Exhibition)


Publishing of "The Search" (Poem/ Painting)

When: September/ October 2019

Where:  Whole China


Gobi Art

Inner Mongolia/ China

When: 07th August - 11th August 2019

Where: Gobi Desert (Performance Art & Group Exhibition)

"Shadeless Emperor" Art Installation at Gobi Desert Inner Mongolia

"Un-Leashed" at desert plains (Performance & Film production)

The Bottle Fish Project (at Gobi desert)

Taicang/ China  Sino - German Art Exhibition

When: 01st August - 31th October 2019

Where:  Hismoon Art Gallery (Group Exhibition)


Shanghai (North Bund)/ China

When: 18th May - 27th May 2019

Where:  Sino Art Gallery (Group Exhibition)


Shanghai/ China

When: 20th April - 28th April 2019

Where: M50 Art Gallery (Solo Exhibition)

            Building No.18, 102

Guilin/ China

When: March - April 2019

Where: International Art Museum

Tokyo/ Japan

When: 7th March - 12th March 2019

Where: Tokyo Art Fair 2019

Shanghai/ China

When: May 2019

Where: West Bund (Unleashed- Solo Exhibition)

Tokyo/ Japan

When: 12th January - 14st February 2019

Where: Kiyoshi Art Gallery


Beijing/ China

When: December 2018

Where: Accrochage Expo

Beijing/ China

When: November 2018

Where: NL Gallery

Kobe (Group Exhibition)

When: 20.10. - 30.10. 2018

Where: Kobe Tower (Japan)

Beijing (Group Exhibition)

When: 28.09. - 28.10. 2018

Where: NL- Gallery




Medusa`s Child "Invasia Tour" 2018

When: September 2018

Where: Tokyo/ Osaka/ Kobe/ Beijing/ Shanghai


Art Rock Festival/ Japan 

When: 14. - 16. September 2018

Where: Osaka/ Japan

Art Rock Festival/ China

When: 21. - 23.  September 2018

Where: Shanghai/ China



When: July - August 2018 Solo

Where: Bad Salzungen City Museum/Thuringia



When: June 2018

Where: HongKong City Hall



When: 02. - 08.06.2018 Group

Where: Shanghai Exhibition Center


When: 12. - 25.05.2018 Group

Where: Beijing 798 Art Area


China- Beijing

When: April 2018

Where: @Rong Space (groupe)


Tokyo/ Japan

When: March 2018

Where: Tokyo International Arts Fair (Group)


Tokyo/ Japan

When: 03rd February - 14st April 2018 (Solo)

Where: Kiyoshi Art Gallery



When: 26.01.2018

Where: XinTiandi SOHO Building A (Private Event)


Shanghai - Minhang

When: December 2017 - January 2018

Where: t.b.c. (groupe)



When: January 2018

Where: @Rong Space (groupe)


When: December 2017 - January 2018

Where: @Rong Space (groupe)


When:  29.12.2017 - 02.01.2018

Where: @Jing An Fanspace Hotel- Opening Art Exhibition (Middle Yan`an Lu 1007)



When: 19.11.2017 - 15.12.2017

Where: Art Go Go - Shanghai

Solo Exhibition

Some impressions from the opening ceremony 19.11.2017

Art Class at "Keimei Gakuin HighSchool" Kobe/ Japan

When: 08.10.2017

Where: Kobe/ Japan

It is always a pleasure to interact with those Young and highly talented Kids. We made an 2h "Abstract Yourself" course and it was just amazing as usual. So many good and creativ results. Very inspiring for all of us.



1st Art Rock Festival - Kobe (Japan) 2017

1st Art Rock Festival - Kobe (Japan)

When: 07. - 08.10.2017 

Where: IZNT- Rock Venue

feat. Crow, Shan He (China) Johnny Miller (UK), Amanda Monkey (China), 4 great bands, Crow`s Live performances and many more.....


International Tattoo Extreme & Body Art Expo- Impressions

International Tattoo Extreme & Body Art Expo

Painted Songs/ The Metal Gods / Crow Unleashed (100m2)

When: 01. - 03.09.2017

Where: Fashion Center Shanghai

blank wall gallery-Athen/ Greece 2017

One of my photos was chosen to participate the "Portraits in B&W" Exhibition in Athen/Greece this year.

1ST Art Rock Festival - Shanghai 2017

The Bund - Shanghai 2016

Ban She Exhibition

Painted Songs - China

we- Center Shanghai 2015