The Artist

Artistic credo: “By my artworks I point at the value of the individual, but also at the mortal Drama of the human being”

Crow’s paintings often abstract figurative portraits, illustrating inner conflicts, the struggle between obligations and desires. Dissolving figures try to find stability in rhythmical, formal patterns, the fragility and instability of the self is counterbalanced by geometrical structures. In his installations, images and ideas literally leave their frame, expanding to a three-dimensional space beyond the limitations of planes.

coming next

Gallery North Bund/ 2019/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

German Embassy/ 2019/ Beijing/ China/ Group

Kiyoshi Art Center/ 2019/ Tokyo/ Japan/ Group

Contemporary Art Museum/ 2020/ Esfahran/ Iran/ Solo

Thuringia/ Germany @Castle Altenstein - Permanent Sculpture/ 2020/ Altenstein Castle/ Germany/ Solo



Event History



AOTU Gallery - Book Launch (Pre- Release for "Tales of dying Butterflies" by Crow)/ Beijing/ China/ Solo

AOTU Gallery - Un- Leashed/ Beijing/ China/ Solo

Mirror Gallery 798/ Beijing/ China/ Solo (1300m2)

Sino Art Gallery/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

Gobi Desert Art Festival/ Mongolia/ Group

HISMOON Sino Art Gallery/ Taicang/ China/ Group     (Gold Award)

West Bund Exhibition Center/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

Guilin Intern. Art Museum/ Guilin/ China/ Group        (Award ¬ Permanent collected)

M50 Art Center- E.E.63/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

Tokyo Art Fair/ Tokyo/ Japan/ Group

Kiyoshi Art Center/ Tokyo/ Japan/ Project



ACCROCHAGE Expo7 Shanghai/ China/ Group

NL Gallery/ Beijing/ China/ Group

Kobe Tower Intern. Art/ Kobe/ Japan/ Group

2nd Art Rock Festival Shanghai/ China/ Solo (Founder)

2nd Art Rock Festival Osaka/ Japan/ Group (Founder)

"Painted Songs in Gemany"/ Thuringia/ Germany/ Solo   (Artwork collected by City-Hall)

Intern. Art Exchange City Hall/ Hong Kong/ Group

"Same Color, Same Language"- SH Exhibition Centre/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

Phoenix Gallery 798/ Beijing/ China/ Group

Tokyo Art Fair/ Tokyo/ Japan/ Group

Rong Art Space/ Beijing/ China/ Group

Kiyoshi Art Center/ Tokyo/ Japan/ Solo




SOHO Art Center/ Shanghai/ China/ Group

Intern. Tattoo & Body Art SH Fashion Center/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

798 Art Area/ Beijing/ China/ Group

JU- Exhibition- ArtGoGo Center/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

1st Kobe Art Rock Festival/ Kobe/ Japan/ Group   (Founder)

Fusion Art Center/ Palm Springs/ USA/ Group

"Black & White Art Gallery/ Athen/ Greece/ Group

1st Art Rock Festival Shanghai/ China/ Group   (Founder)

2016 - 2011


Art Lessons at Keimei Gakuin High School (Exhibition)/ Kobe/Osaka/ Japan/ Solo

Exhibition Bund 6/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

Banshe Gallery/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

Ours Gallery/ Shanghai/ China/ Solo

L & L Gallery/ Shanghai/ China/ Group

2010 - 2001


Mountain Art Gallery/ Frutigen/ Switzerland/ Group

Rocks Art Center/ Helsinki/ Finland/ Group

Thun Center/ Switzerland/ Solo

Factory Art/ Harijavalta/ Finland/ Solo

Design International/ Helsinki/ Finland/ Group (Award)

Design Art/ Thuringia/ Germany/ Group  (Silver Award)

Art House Gallery/ Bad Salzungen/ Germany/ Solo

2000 -1991


Design Rock Band Merch and Album Cover Exhib./ Thuringia/ Germany/ Solo

Exhibition/ Dermbach/ Germany/ Solo  ( 1st Price Award)

Art in Public/ Thuringia/ Germany/ Group

Portrait Painting Study/ Germany   1991 - 1993

1990 - 1984


Exhibition/ Meiningen/ Germany Group   (2nd Price Army Award)

Art in Public /Eisenach- Thuringia/ Germany/ Group   (2nd Price Award)

Exhibition School/ Bad Salzungen/ Thuringia/ Germany/ Group  (1st Price School Award  1985)