the author

"Tales Of Dying Butterflies" 

Collected Poems and Lyrics

(1989 - 2019)


"Find the children of dreams and their words will burn the truth into your laughter." (CROW)


CROW`s painted words of thought dive deep into the readers`mind.

These are no moods. These are bittersweet verse that a metal knife cut out from life- experience straight.

Only the ones who dare to face life`s circumstances, the ones who risk to get hurt, who do not duck away from being struck by treason. Only those, sentenced to sacrifice, who tasted a Judas`Kiss, those will drink the Music of his poetry.


Susanne Melanie Matz

Curator/ Producer

Berlin/ Beijing





Famous movie actor and voice artist WARWICK GILLES reads and recites CROW's 'Tales of Dying Butterflies'. 


Charismatic Warwick Gilles is known by such blockbuster-movies like 'Gone With the Bullets' (by Jiang Wen) and 'Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon' (by Feng Xiaoyang) and many more. He also has a 35 years' experience as a voice-artist dubbing films internationally.


With his exceptional sombre timbre, Warwick Gilles is the congenial Voice Alter Ego for Crow's deep verse.


Hearing Warwick voicing Crow's 'paintedwords' along with teasers of Crow's music, this both will make you glow with fascination.




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Beijing/ China

When: 26th October - 31th October 2019

Where:  AOTU (Solo Exhibition) Book Pre- Release

With Voice Artist/ Actor Warwick Gilles - Thank you very much for reading out my Poems!