The Musician

Crow is the founder, vocalist and songwriter of the Heavy Metal Band Medusa`s Child (1999-present). Since 1999, this band reached the Top of the music charts in North Europe with several hit songs and they have been touring around Europe and Asia for years. Their 2014 album also won a Gold award in England. Prior to this, he headed the Finnish rock band Crow`s Flight (Finland) and played in the German metal band Sundean (Germany). Crow has performed as a guest vocalist on stage and on records with such acts like Profane Omen (Finland), Crystallion (Germany).

However, the stages of this world were never enough for him.



Band/Project  Title Band residence  Year  Medium     Charts/Awards   Country 
Rocka Rolla First Step Germany 1996 Demo    
Medusa`s Child  Medusa`s child Germany 1999- 2006 1999 Demo    
  Awake Switzerland 2006- present 2000 CD    
  Blue Roses   2001 EP    
  Immortal- Mind Cohesion   2004 CD Album of the Month  Germany
  Tears of the Wolf (Single)   2004 EP No. 1  Charts  Norway
  Unchained- Live in Germany   2005 DVD    
  Damnatio Memoriae   2009 CD    
  The Videos 1999 - 2011   2011 DVD    
  Ice on Fire   2011 EP    
  Empty Sky   2014 CD Gold Award in UK  UK
Sundean Alteration Germany 2005 EP    
OHM  Face the Faceless Switzerland 2007 CD    
Crow`s Flight  Crow`s Flight Finland 2008 EP    
  Heroes - Dying alone   2009 EP    
  Calm before the Storm   2011 CD Album of the Month Germany/ Finland
Lost Horizon feat. Crow Perfect Warrior Sweden 2006 EP    
Crystallion feat. Crow The final Revelation Germany 2006 CD    
Crystallion feat. Crow Hattin  Germany 2008 CD    
Samples/ Compilations Metal Gorgeons Germany 2005 CD    
  Iron force Vol.2 Spain 2004 CD    
  Munich`s Hardest Vol.7 Germany 2005 CD    
  Metal Glory Vol.4 Chile 2006 CD    
  Metal Glory Vol.6 Chile 2008 CD    
  Hammer Hard Brasil Brasil 2004 CD    
  Bands Battle Vol.4 Germany 2005 CD    
  Bands Battle Vol.5 Germany 2006 CD    
  Metal Marmot Vol.1 Switzerland 2011 CD    
  Metal Mamot Vol.2 Switzerland 2012 CD    
  Metal Marmot Vol.3 Switzerland 2013 CD    
  Heavy Metal Nation Vol.8 Switzerland 2011 CD    
  Heavy Metal Nation Vol.10 Switzerland 2013





  We are Shanghai Vol.2 China                               2019             MC