German Artist. Painter, Rock Musician, Performance Artist and Photographer.

Winner of the Great Artist Exhibition: Art of the Year 2021 CHINA

In the midst of silence, one drop is enough to spread undulating into all levels, vibrating and swinging. And so one thought is enough to change you and this world. 

CROW - Solo (selection)


Helsingborg/ Sweden SOLO Exhibition - March

Hismoon Art Gallery/ Taicang/ China - SOLO Exhibition June - August

BMW Exhibition Center Copenhagen/ Denmark 

Kunsthalle Kuehlungsborn- Germany

Kiyoshi Art Gallery/ Tokyo/ Japan



Beijing 798 Art Space/ China

Galerie Kröger Kühlungsborn




Urania/ Cologne/ Germany

Art Basel - Art Week Wynwood/ Miami/ USA



East Side Gallery Art Space- Berlin (with Rainer Langhans), Germany

Ackerstadtpalast- Berlin (with Performance Art "UN- LEASHED), Germany

Te Xiang Art Gallery, China 

Hismoon Art Gallery, Tai Cang/ HEROES IN THE MIRROR - Shanghai Street Photography, China

Wagenhalle Colonge, My Soul Asylum & E.E.63', Germany



AOTU Gallery - Book Launch (Book Pre- Release for "Tales of Dying Butterflies" by Crow)/ Beijing/ China

AOTU Gallery - Un- Leashed/ Beijing/ China

Mirror Gallery 798/ Beijing/ China

Sino Art Gallery/ Shanghai/ China

West Bund Exhibition Center/ Shanghai/ China

M50 Art Center- E.E.63/ Shanghai/ China

Kiyoshi Art Center/ Tokyo/ Japan

Gallery North Bund/ Shanghai/ China



2nd Art Rock Festival Shanghai/ China/ (Founder)

City Museum Bad Salzungen "Painted Songs in Gemany"/ Thuringia/ Germany  

SH Exhibition Center"Same Color, Same Language" Shanghai/ China

Kiyoshi Art Center/ Tokyo/ Japan



SH Art and Fashion Center, Shanghai/ China

Art Lessons at Beijing

ArtGoGo Center JU- Exhibition- Shanghai/ China


2016 - 2011

Art Lessons at Keimei Gakuin High School (Exhibition)/ Kobe/Osaka/ Japan

Bund 6/ Shanghai/ China

Banshe Gallery/ Shanghai/ China

Ours Gallery/ Tai Cang/ HangZhou/ China


2010 - 2001

Thun Center/ Switzerland

Factory Art/ Harijavalta/ Finland

Art House Gallery/ Bad Salzungen/ Germany


2000 - 1991

Design Rock Band Merch and Album Cover Exhib./ Thuringia/ Germany/ Solo

Exhibition Art House/ Dermbach/ Germany


Group (selection)


NORDIC ART FAIR/ Copenhagen/ Denmark

ART  SPACE GALLERY/ Shanghai/ China

ART LAP Gallery/ Abbot Kinney/ Los Angeles CA

Carrousel du Louvre/ Paris/ France

Haze Gallery/ Berlin/ Germany

Rome Art Fair/ Italy

ART LAP Gallery/ Abbot Kinney/ Los Angeles CA

Carrousel du Louvre/ Paris/ France

Artbox Expo/ New York/ USA

Basel Art Week/ Basel CH

Swiss Art Expo/ Zurich CH

Thomson Gallery/ Zug Switzerland

Casa del Arte/ Palma de Mallorca/ Spain

Miami Art Weeks/ Miami/ USA



Miami Art Week/ Wynwood/ USA

MoonArt Galerie/ Aachen/ Germany

ARTMUC / Munich/ Germany

Decode Gallery/ Tucson AZ/  USA

D.Y.N Art Gallery/ Shanghai/ China

AOA;87 Gallery/ Bamberg/ Germany

Museum of Contemporary Art /Cheng Du / China

National Art Museum/ Qin Dao/ China 


2020/ 2021

Swiss Art Expo/ Zurich Switzerland




Gobi Desert Art Festival/ Mongolia

HISMOON Sino Art Gallery/ Taicang/ China

Guilin Intern. Art Museum/ Guilin/ China

Tokyo Art Fair/ Tokyo/ Japan

German Embassy Beijing/ 2019/ Beijing/ China

Kiyoshi Art Center/ 2019/ Tokyo/ Japan



ACCROCHAGE Expo7 Shanghai/ China/ Group

NL Gallery/ Beijing/ China/ Group

Kobe Tower Intern. Art/ Kobe/ Japan/ Group

2nd Art Rock Festival Osaka/ Japan/ Group (Founder)

Intern. Art Exchange City Hall/ Hong Kong/ Group

Phoenix Gallery 798/ Beijing/ China/ Group

Tokyo Art Fair/ Tokyo/ Japan/ Group

Rong Art Space/ Beijing/ China/ Group



SOHO Art Center/ Shanghai/ China

798 Art Area/ Beijing/ China

1st Kobe Art Rock Festival/ Kobe/ Japan/ (Founder)

Fusion Art Center/ Palm Springs/ USA

Black & White Art Gallery/ Athen/ Greece

1st Art Rock Festival Shanghai/ China (Founder)


2016 - 2011

L & L Gallery/ Shanghai/ China


2010 - 2001

Mountain Art Gallery/ Frutigen/ Switzerland

Rocks Art Center/ Helsinki/ Finland

Design International/ Helsinki/ Finland

Design Art/ Thuringia/ Germany