“By my artworks I point at the value of the individual, but also at the mortal drama of the human being”



"You can also paint a song"


Crow (Born in Thuringia, Germany) is a painter, rock musician, performance artist, book author and art photographer. His artworks are energetic and passionate and inspired by the natural elements earth, air, fire, and water, and by a wild and free spirit.


As the founder, vocalist and songwriter of the Heavy Metal band Medusa`s Child (1999-present), Crow toured through Europe and Asia, and his artwork was exhibited in China, Japan, Mongolia, USA, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and Germany. Alternating between microphone and brush, Crow follows his artistic credo – “You can also paint a song.“

Stage shows and performance art: UNLEASHED

Crow’s stage shows and performance art projects are wild spectacles that attract large audiences. His latest live project, “Unleashed”, combines powerful music with a startling visual performance, capturing acoustic emotion and visual language on canvas.


Paintings and installations: Figurative abstraction

But Crow also masters gentle tunes. His ballads, and even more so his paintings, reveal a contemplative, spiritual side. Crow likes to paint the beauty beneath the surface – underneath the skin, behind the physical appearance. We see bones, we see underlying patterns, we see the inner essence of things.

Crow’s paintings often abstract figurative portraits, illustrating inner conflicts, the struggle between obligations and desires. Dissolving figures try to find stability in rhythmical, formal patterns, the fragility and instability of the self is counterbalanced by geometrical structures. In his installations, images and ideas literally leave their frame, expanding to a three-dimensional space beyond the limitations of planes.


Crow currently lives and works in Shanghai and Berlin