The Art Works


The poisonous Apple Serie


Heroes in the mirror (Photo Series in the streets of Shanghai)


tunes  (in process)

E.E.63 - The X-Rays (just some)

“By my artworks I point at the value of the individual, but also at the mortal drama of the human being”



Stage shows and performance art: Energy Unleashed ( Copyright by Crow. Berlin, Beijing 2019 , All rights reserved)

First shown in 2015, Crow’s stage shows and performance art projects are wild spectacles that attract large audiences. His latest live project, “Unleashed”, combines powerful music with a startling visual performance, capturing acoustic emotion and visual language on canvas.


my Soul asylum

The "Bulb Fiction" Serie (a cooperation Project with photo- Artist Shan He/ China)

Tokyo- painted Songs

Pain-tings 2017/ 2018

Study works 2017 (just Some)

san saru - 2016

contortion - 2015