These lies here do make us feel better. I am...                                                            Looking for the magic.


Graphit, Glass, Paper


The perception of the world outside the media is extremely unsettling, because reality exists only as a reflex to a previously existing mediality. We don't touch anyone or anything as often as our retina displays. And yet, we need this connection between people.


Cou - Rage

Acrylic, Pen on Paper

Execution of Humanity in Shades

THE GAO BROTHERS Studio Beijing. Relicts from past future!



Indigo Passion

Acrylic, Pen on Japanese Paper and Acylicy, oil on canvas

Poison Apple Stories

Analog Photos, Acylic and Pen 

100 x 80


Shadeless Emperor

Installation at the Gobi Desert 2019 for the 1st International Art Festival Inner Mongolia/ China.


Combines powerful music with a startling visual performance, capturing acoustic emotion and visual language on canvas.

In 2019 this performance was banned in China because a visitor held up a Mongolian flag during the performance.



E.E.63 - X-Rays

X-Rays, Pen, Plexiglas, Canvas


Painted Songs

Mixed Media Installation


Bulb Fiction

Pen on Photography.

Cooperation with Chinese Photo Artist Shan He. 

Contorted Visions

Acrylic and Pen on Anloge Photography


Out of Inside

Acrylic, Pen on Canvas

2014 - 2015

Metal Gods

Acrylic, Metal Chips and Fire on Canvas