through my own eyes

I wouldn't call myself a photographer. Sometimes I just take my camera and try to capture what I see. I like to picture people. Especially elder people or very young faces. Once you can find a whole life story in it and sometimes you can see the pure innocence and colorful dreams behind big eyes.


Sculpture by THE GAO BROTHERS (Gao Zhen). Installation Performance by CROW.

Photos by Gao Zhen & CROW

reflecting existence


Photograph of a mixed media photo-collage by CROW


The photographic artwork triptich "Reflecting Existence" is part of the artist's theme of fading realism and nature in extinction. 


The multi-dimensional artworks' foundation is the Xray-photo of a human organ covered by a reflecting plexiglass, adding on a third media of paint scribbled onto the glass.


The finishing layer is a photograph taken of the Xray under glass and paint. Illuminated by the atmospheric light of the surrounding environment the human Xray in mortem fuses with the reflection of the photographing artist in existence.


The art viewer looking at the merger (of the Xray and the Photographer) is drawn into the scenario by seeing his own silhouette reflected in action on top of the photographic artwork shown under reflecting glass. 

By his multi-dimensional artwork the artist stages an interaction among his Xray and his reflecting existence and the recipient who, after viewing, will exit like stepping out of a mirror, and by this vivid action creating a fading reality.




Curator's Statement, 

Susanne Melanie Matz, 

Berlin-Beijing, 08-2019



In this acute technical revolution of the IT industry shifting into the new age of automization, robotics, and A.I. Artificial Intelligence, the APPARATUS of CROW appears like a fossil.


Compared to the 2-dimensional Chip-design the 3-dimensional Apparatus is an organic creature. 

The artist celebrates the man-made functional complexity of his beast of metal and spider-wires by solarizing and coloring it. The pink warms up the vintage device sympathetically. The Apparatus, resting still in mortem, gives the impression of fading into extinction. 


The shift from Man & Machine to Robotic Automization excludes the Human impact from production and usage. 

The artist's photograph, telling about this process, also is a farewell:

A Blade Runner moment at the Tannhaeuser Gate.



Curator's Statement, 

Susanne Melanie Matz, 

Berlin-Beijing, 08-2019  


Places & Faces

The beautiful Miao and Dong people in South East Guizhou (China).

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